Chimney Removal Company are specialists in the field of removing chimneys. Whether  the chimney you would like removed is in 1 or more rooms we  will  have a solution to meet your needs

The chimney can either be removed completely or the height reduced to a safer level (usually just above the roofline and chimney capped). All scaffolding required is supplied and all rubble removed from site.

If the chimney is still required to be used for a wood burner or gas fire we can replace the removed section of chimney with a stainless steel flue. If an internal chimney is removed completely this will create more space in your house.

No need to arrange other trades as my team of builders and subcontractors can repair the roof, repair the exterior cladding and internal linings including plastering and painting as required. Please see our full service range below.

  • Brick Chimney Removal

  • Concrete Chimney Removal

  • Concrete Block Chimney Removal

  • Chimney Demolition

  • Chimney Reduction

  • Scaffold Supplied

  • Rubble Removed from Site

  • Stainless Steel Flue Replacement

  • Roof Repair

  • Exterior and Interior Reinstatement

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